A Healthy Reminder for Aesthetic Patients

Quality is a necessity and not a mere luxury

During this holiday season, perhaps one of the things you’re planning to do is to pamper yourself with some beauty treatment to make yourself look younger and better as you welcome the start of another year. A few touch-ups to smooth out those wrinkles, maybe? Or a quick procedure to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes? How about some body sculpting treatment to get rid of those holiday pounds?

Why not? After all, it would be a good reward to give yourself after all the hard work and sacrifices you’ve made the past year.

Before you book that session however, remember the following:

“It’s the Indian not the arrow,” so the famous expression goes.

In availing of any plastic or cosmetic procedure, you have to make sure to be selective not only of the kind of treatment that you will receive, but more importantly, of the person who will administer the same.

It cannot just be any kind of doctor, let alone, any beauty attendant from those commercial facilities where cosmetic procedures are offered like they’re simple commodities anyone can provide.

It has to be a doctor who has the requisite qualifications, training and expertise to deal with the specific problem/s that you have.

This is true not only for surgical treatments, but also for minimally-invasive and non-surgical procedures. In fact, it is the latter types of procedures—normally deemed as minor ones—that can be more prone to dangers, because people may think that the relatively lesser degree of difficulty and shorter duration of treatment involved in them allow for lesser-trained individuals to perform them.

Disabuse your mind from this erroneous idea.

Just because a procedure doesn’t involve cutting into your skin doesn’t mean it is any less sensitive than a surgical procedure, or that it can allow for some laxity in safety and precision. Delicate tissues and blood vessels are involved—whether you’re getting a quick Botox injection or having your frown lines ironed out—and a single mistake in the manner of injection, for instance, can lead not only to botched results but also to unnecessary, and sometimes, long-term health complications.

So, what to look for?

Your doctor’s credentials, of course! Is he or she a licensed plastic surgeon? How long has he or she been practicing in this field? Is he or she well-trained to understand and solve your problem?

Also, it is important to build rapport with your doctor so you can properly and comfortably relate your concerns with him or her, and plan the most appropriate course of action to treat your case.

Remember, getting a plastic or cosmetic procedure done is not as simple as buying a ready-made product. It’s more a case of buying the treatment, together with the skill, experience and judgment of the doctor who will give you the same. It’s a package deal you don’t want to mess with, because an errant factor in this combination can harm instead of help you.

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